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Although we are surrounded by millions of bricks every day, most of us don't think about bricks too often. For thousands of years, clay bricks have not changed and for a long time it seemed that they never would. However, everything changes and so do clay fired bricks. The fact is that the traditional energy-intensive furnacing process at high temperatures is simply not sustainable. Only a radical shift in the production method can preserve the classic brick we all appreciate.

Therefore, Lowie Bricks (LOW Impact) launched a research and development programme in 2019 to find sustainable and affordable alternatives to classic facing bricks. By experimenting extensively with new, patented techniques Lowie Bricks has managed to preserve the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics of ceramic bricks.

Lowie Bricks counters the perception that sustainability costs money. We believe that real ecological progress is only possible if it is also affordable. 
This is not yet an end point, we are constantly looking for solutions to further reduce environmental impact, with the ultimate goal of zero impact.

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