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What is the difference between a Lowie Brick and a concrete brick?

The Lowie Brick is a hybrid brick that positions itself between ceramic and concrete. The brick has the aesthetic

looks of a clay brick, but has a similar composition to a concrete brick.

However, the Lowie Bricks are not concrete bricks because of the following reasons:

  • The granules of the Lowie Bricks are monotonous and smaller than those of a concrete brick.

  • The Lowie Bricks have a finer and more monotonous structure.

  • There is a higher degree of moisture transport in the Lowie Bricks.

  • In terms of frost resistance and water absorption, the Lowie Brick meets the brick standard, not the concrete brick standard.

  • Aesthetically the Lowie Brick looks more like a clay brick than a concrete brick.

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